Best Gardening Gloves 2022

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Best Gardening Gloves and Recommendations

Planting something in the backyard of your house, growing some plants and flowers was usually a leisure pastime for retirees, but in recent years it has become everyone’s common hobby as people spend more time at home. Gardening is a dirty, sweaty and even dangerous hobby as much as it relaxes the soul. We’ll give you some ideas and product recommendations on the best garden gloves to protect your fingers and the surface of your hands.

If you buy a good pair of garden gloves, you can protect your fingers from various chemicals, dirt, mud and sludge you use in the garden. Gloves, which act as a shield for your hands, prevent harmful chemicals from reaching your skin. Garden gloves also protect your hands from the danger of cracking in cold weather during gardening on cold winter days.

The properties of the gloves and the areas they provide protection may vary. That’s why garden gloves prices can vary greatly. Of course, the type and quality of garden gloves that an amateur gardener and a landscape architect will use are not the same. You can start using it by buying a pair of high quality garden gloves that will do your job.

best gardening gloves


Heavy Duty Gloves

If you have a large garden and need to mow the lawn, you can choose heavy-duty gloves. Landscaping is something done using multiple materials and tools. And tools such as lawn mowers, garden shears, hoes, shovels, saws are dangerous if not used by professionals. It would be good for you to choose to use heavy-duty garden gloves while doing this kind of work. You have the chance to reduce the possible damage to your hands while using a power tool, thanks to these gloves.

Light Duty Gloves

Don’t you spend a lot of time tending your garden? If you are not interested in digging, mowing, fencing the garden, landscaping and you are just an amateur gardener, you can use light duty gloves. These gloves will be sufficient for tasks such as weeding, spraying plants, planting new seeds.

Medium Duty Gloves

This type of glove is often used for gardening activities without the use of electric tools. For example, if you are going to do a detailed cleaning in your garden, if you are going to open new places and place pots, if you are going to prune a tree that is approaching the season, you should use medium-duty gloves. These gloves are the most preferred by gardeners because they are generally adaptable for all conditions.


For a glove to be flexible, resistant to water and abrasion, it must be TPR. Faux leather or PU gloves are puncture and tear resistant. Because artificial leather has a good tensile strength and can be restored even if it is very stretched. Genuine leather gloves are also very resistant to tearing, puncturing and abrasion. But unlike artificial leather, real leather gloves cannot be restored when used for a long time.

best gardening gloves


Nylon material does not absorb liquid, it allows it to flow from the surface. If you want a more durable, elastic and lightweight glove than polyester, you should take a look at nylon garden gloves. If it is not important for liquids to run off the surface, you can also opt for non-waterproof but quick-drying linen gloves. The best feature of these gloves is that they do not make your hands sweaty while gardening in hot weather. Linen surfaces keep hands cool due to their structure.

If you move things around in your garden frequently, if you need to handle slippery surfaces, you can use latex garden gloves. These gloves provide a strong grip by sticking to what you are holding. Latex gloves can be used for years without wear and tear. However, if you have a known latex allergy, you should definitely stay away from these gloves. If you are allergic, you can use elastane gloves with very similar properties. Elastane garden gloves have a durable, flexible, strong and hard-wearing structure just like latex.

best gardening gloves


If you want to use gloves made from environmentally friendly and recyclable materials, you can choose bamboo fiber garden gloves. These non-waterproof gloves are soft and flexible. Polyester gloves are also environmentally friendly. Like bamboo fiber, polyester is not waterproof. Polyester garden gloves, which are durable and strong, can be dried by keeping them in the sun for 10 minutes.

If you want to use your fingers more actively, you can choose suede gloves with a thin surface. Thus, your mobility is not restricted. However, suede garden gloves are not waterproof either.


One of the features you should pay attention to when buying garden gloves is that they have a breathable surface. Because dealing with gardening on hot summer days can make your hands sweat a lot. To get rid of this feeling of discomfort and work more efficiently, you should use temperature-regulating, breathable garden gloves. Especially people who sweat a lot should definitely use garden gloves with this feature.

Washing and Care of Garden Gloves

If you want to use your gloves for many years, you need to care for them. You can save money from your garden budget by using the same pair of gloves every year. After using your gloves for work in your garden, you should rinse them with cold water. Also, occasionally, you should thoroughly clean the inside and outside of your gloves.

You can learn how to wash gloves from the instruction manual that comes with your glove. Gloves produced with different materials have different washing techniques. However, washing in cold water and drying in the sun is a common type of washing for all gloves. The drying process is very important as leaving the gloves wet will rot them.

If you’re new to the gardening hobby, don’t hesitate to buy a pair of gardening gloves no matter what. If you have doubts about finding the right model for you, you can take a look at the garden glove models listed below. You can choose from many quality models suitable for every budget and type of use.

If there is a garden glove you want us to review, you can send us a message.

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